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Hang Tags
Hang Tagscan be used for many of the various health and beauty items available. The fact that tags are so adaptable is another advantage. They can be used for many of the various health and beauty items available.

Paper Tags
Paper Tags can be used for confetti, cards, cupcake toppers, scrapbooking embellishments, and other craft projects.The ones that are blank are perfect for use as hang tags, price tags, or even product labels.

Seal Tags
Seal Tags are marked with flipper tags so they can be identified afterward.Truck trailers, vessel containers, chemical drums, airline duty-free trolleys, and utility meters are all frequently secured with security seals.They are safe to use. 

Garment Tags
Garment Tags help buyers understand how to care for the product. The buyer and the product can communicate with one another through a garment label. These tags are very effective as well as economical to use. 

Paper Handicraft Items
Handicraft Items are often manufactured by hand or with simple tools, and because they are not mass-produced, they are typically valued higher than products made in factories. These items are very effective as well as economical to use. 

Handmade Paper
Handmade Paperdiffers from machine-made paper in appearance and texture. The uniqueness of each sheet makes handmade seed-embedded paper beautiful. It makes it ideal for a variety of uses. This paper is safe to use. 

Embossed Tags
Embossed Tags are employed in a wide range of industrial, military, aeronautical, and commercial applications. These tags can be serialised and are excellent for identification purposes. They are a common and reliable way to identify equipment and assets.

Silicon Rubber Tags

Silicon Rubber Tags are harder and more hard-wearing alternative to woven labels, which can be used for outerwear or bags. They must be chosen to reinforce a brand identity, outside of garments. We give them in assorted colors. 

Printed Labels

Printed labels provide many important information of the sold product to consumers such as brand name, composition, warning, Dos and donts, and many others. These are economical purchases in every aspect. 

Woven Labels
Woven Labels offer versatile branding with shape customization in cloth materials. Tailor your identity with any style, reflecting uniqueness. Ideal for garments, accessories, and more, these labels enhance product appeal, convey authenticity, and establish brand recognition. Durable and customizable, they serve as a lasting, aesthetic detail, fostering consumer trust and loyalty.
Self Adhesive Stickers
Self Adhesive Stickers provide limitless branding possibilities with shape customization. Suitable for fabrics, paper, plastic, metal, and more, these stickers elevate packaging, labeling, and promotion. Tailor them to any style for a distinctive touch. Easy application, versatility, and durability make them an essential marketing tool, enhancing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression.
Adhesive Labels
Adhesive Labels offer boundless customization with any shape and paper material. Tailor them to any style, ensuring a unique brand representation. Versatile and easy to apply, these labels enhance product packaging, organization, and promotion. Featuring durability and a professional finish, they serve as an effective branding tool, leaving a lasting impact on products and consumers alike.
Paper Notebook
Paper Notebooks, timeless companions for creativity and organization, cater to various needs. Ideal for jotting down thoughts, sketches, or notes, they offer a tangible, tactile experience. Portable and eco-friendly, these notebooks enhance productivity and facilitate expression. With a range of designs and sizes, they remain indispensable tools for students, professionals, and creatives, fostering clarity and organization.

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